To get better and faster results with NAÏVE, we recommend you to keep your footages in a specific order. This will allow the app to find them more quickly, which can substantially accelerate the speed of processing.  

Create a separate project folder. That can be a folder on your computer's hard drive or external storage – anyway, it's always better to keep all the project files in one place. This also helps you avoid a situation in which any of your project files are missing!

Name folders any way you want – this won't affect the processing. Yet we advise you to name the project folders in a similar format: CustomerName_ProjectName. This allows you to easily navigate among projects and customers, especially in case you keep lots of projects in one place. 

Create a separate footages folder inside the project folder. You can name it Footage or Source, or actually whatever you like. 

From now on the speed of the application will depend on the structure of the files inside the source folder, this will be especially noticeable when working with the synchronization of files in time from different sources.

We recommend separating the video footage from different cameras in separate folders. Folder names don't influence the processing speed but it'll be much easier to work with a convenient folder structure. You can name your folders with the operator's name or location. Sometimes, it's handier to name the folder according to what exactly was shot, for example, Cam 1 Long Shot, Cam 2 Close Up.

Audio is another beast. We suggest creating a folder for each audio channel, even if you use one device. For example, you should use a unique file for each speaker at a conference. Quite often, it writes files of adjacent files from different channels in one folder by default. It is better to distribute the files as follows: put all files with microphone No. 1 (first speaker) in one folder, put all adjacent files with microphone No. 2 (second speaker) in another folder.

We hope that the article was helpful to you and now the processing will be lightning-fast for you. As always, please share your opinion on NAÏVE workflow. 

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