Media sync is used when you have multiple media sources. Synchronization can be turned on in the Project Settings window that appears after your project is uploaded into the software.

How the media in synced? 

NAÏVE syncs your video files and external sound records using audio wave similarities. We use several tricks to enhance quality and speed of media sync, including project folder structure. If you want things to go faster and smoother, make sure you check our recommendations on how to organize your footage

Switch on "Sync media files"
. If you have any audio files in the project folder, you'll see the message on the right about how many audio files were found

NAÏVE compares the audio tracks of your footage and finds similarities. They are marked with time codes. When you import an XML into your editing software, synced media will be located above each other on a timeline – this makes editing much easier. You can also always create a multicam sequence for a better result!

The result of NAÏVE algorithms can be affected by environmental noise. Also we cannot sync media without any audio track. If you notice that something is wrong with the sync, please let us know! Your feedback helps us make the product excellent.

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